They Done Did It Again

This schoolyear ended with some of my most interesting characters graduating. I hope you can take this opportunity to really appreciate this last batch of quotes from them we collected this year!

These guys.

2012-2013 Theatre Quotes

Theater staffers' names have a star next to them because it’s never as obvious as you hope

Ciara*: "Do you really like Blimpy Burger?"
Dylan: "It's my 2nd favorite restaurant"
Ciara*: "Would you really call it a 'restaurant'?"
Dylan: "Well, Dairy Queen is my 1st favorite restaurant!"
- 9.11.12

Cully: "This platform is as stable as uranium!"
- 9.18.12
(so… UNstable, right?)

Alex: "Ciara, you look uncharacteristically cute and friendly today"
- 9.21.12
(Alex again masterfully picks her words for the right effect)

Mysti*: "I didn't get an epidural for the first two times I gave birth"
- 9.24.12
(she has only given birth twice!)

Ciara*: "Kasia, your netting is in"
Kasia*, looking down at herself in a panic: "My WHAT?"
- 9.27.12
(as in the netting fabric she ordered came in the mail… but clearly I hit a nerve!)

Dylan: "How did sets go yesterday go?"
Ciara*: "It was like pulling teeth"
Dylan: "Is that a good or a bad thing?"
- 10.2.12
(has Dylan had good experiences with teeth pulling??)

*Dylan lifts something very heavy*
Dylan: "Ahhhhhh! My stomach!! It hurts! I have never felt the effects of working out!"
- 10.5.12

Rianna: "Micah, I can give you a ride home now if mom says it's okay for us to leave. I meant, if Ciara says it's okay"
- 10.11.12
(it happens)

Dylan: "Alex has been laughing at all of my jokes. It's actually kind of irritating"
- 10.18.12
(sometimes the joy is in the challenge?)

Kasia*: "I'll take it, I'll lock myself in the bathroom, and I'll just do it"
- 10.23.12
(this was in response to me giving her longest internet password ever to enter into her phone)

Alex: "Have you ever had a deviled egg? You become immobilized with bliss"
- 10.27.12
(she’s not wrong)

Rianna: "My dog got caught on something and when I tried to help her, she bit me and peed on the floor"
Ciara*: "You guys are so similar!"
- 10.30.12

Ciara*: "I'm thirsty"
Danny: "Where are you going to get a drink from?"
Ciara*: "From a drinking fountain... like a human... in America!"
- 11.6.12
(this dang bottled water generation flusters me!)

What happens to a costume 30 seconds after a techie has a walk-on role in the show.

Dylan: "Cats make houses smell awful"
Kris*: You need to come to my house – we have a cat and it smells fine!"
Dylan: "Where do you live? The suburbs?"
Kris*: "Yes"
Dylan: "Well, everything smells like cats out there so you probably don't even notice!"
- 11.13.12
(Dylan always has the most interesting theories…)

Grace: "Pat makes funny noises. He reminds me of my guinea pig, dying"
- 11.30.12
(she’d call that a “funny” noise, huh?)

Susan*: "Hope doesn't get you anywhere; nagging does"
- 12.6.12
(maybe that’s our new Theatre Guild Motto?)

*Ciara jigsaws plywood*
Dylan: "Wow, that doesn't at all sound like a chipmunk in a garbage disposal"
- 12.10.12
(the imagination of these kids is amazing… at least I hope that example is from his imagination)

Mysti*: "It HAS to look like a butt!"
- 12.20.12
(design choices)

Grace: "Engineering dads all know how to solder"
Ciara*: "I know how to solder and I am not a dad"
Rianna: "If you become a dad, I am seriously going to cry"
- 12.20.12
(I think I can safely say I would sad cry as well if I became a dad)

Sara: "Sometimes, when I try to fly, my clothes fall off"
- 1.14.13
(I don’t think I was there for this and I’m not sure if being there would have helped me understand anyway)

Alex: "Those who can, do. Those who can't run this place!"
- 1.29.13
(zing back!)

Danny: "I am the ONLY freshman in my math class"
- 2.12.13
(he's a junior)

*during a stressful work convo*
Ciara*: "I want to die!"
Susan*: "Why? Because of your hair? I think it looks cute"
Ciara*: "What?? Because of this conversation!"
(come on!)

*Kasia looks down inside her shirt*
Kasia*: "Well, there's nothing there!"
(she was looking for a needle she was storing on her sweater)

*Dylan lifts something heavy*
Dylan, dead serious: "Remember when I lifted that heavy platform and it hurt so bad? At least this time I lifted with my back and not my legs, so that's better"
- 3.4.13
(I've failed!)

Sometimes the best place to reflect is on the “Stairs to Nowhere”.

Ciara*: "Which wolf is in Shrek? Is it the one from the 'Three Legged Pigs'?"
- 3.8.13
(three LITTLE pigs, although I am curious about that other fairy tale plot)

Mysti*: "How's it going?"
Ciara*: "Great, except I don't have a spine. ... Let me clarify: I didn't put up the spine of the book set piece yet"
- 4.5.13
(both meanings may be true at times at work)

Alex*: "Have the farts on your to-do list?"
Patrick*: "Yeah, got it"
Susan*: "And be creative with them!"
- 4.11.13
(Shrek has some fun sound effects… and makes for some fun conversations!)

Ciara*: "I feel like I am in a torture chamber"
- 4.18.13
(that was the set piece I was in, so it was a compliment to the design!)

Patrick*: "I got coffee today at Jefferson Market"
Ciara*: "I don't know what that is [Jefferson Market]"
Patrick*: "It's fried!"
Ciara* & Mysti*, in unison: "Fried coffee?"
Patrick*: "What?"
- 4.19.13
(he was responding to a separate conversation with one of his kids about the broken sound board)

Dylan: "I'll let you know tomorrow if I want to be on running crew. Most likely it's a definitely yes"
- 4.20.13
(if he’s sure of anything..)

Jacqulin: "We need a buttle thing"
Rachel: "Yeah, go get a caribon, Justin"
*Justin goes into the shop*
Justin: "Where are the Caribbeans?"
Dylan: "Who are you, Jack Sparrow?"
- 4.23.13
(the word for the hardware they are looking for is “carabiner”!)

Ciara*: "I like how you guys match today"
In Unison: Rachel: "We planned it" / Jacqulin: "We didn't do it on purpose"
- 4.23.13

Alicia: "There are Three Blind Mice I want to murder"
- 4.23.13
(Shrek actors)

Rachel: "You have a lot of glitter in your hair today"
Ciara*: "It's snow!"
- 4.24.13
(snow = nature’s glitter)

Rianna: "I am going to cry! Did you know that a strawberry isn't a berry, but a banana is??"
- 4.26.13
(hey, at least she’s not a robot)

*Mysti jigsaws vertically with no shoes on standing on a chair with Nathan's prescription glasses instead of goggles*
Rianna: "Mysti, I am about to write a blurb in the program about how you increase safety here..."
- 5.1.13

Susan*: "Ciara, did you get a haircut or is your hair just dirty?"
Ciara*: "Neither"
Susan*: "Well, it looks good"
- 5.14.13
(well that turned out better than expected!)

Pat: "Slippers are good – they are like socks for your feet!"
- 5.14.13
(where is he wearing socks now?)

Rianna: "Is that guy accepting her award in her steed?"
- 5.29.13
(in her “stead”; it’s the first she heard that phrase out loud)


Aw, kiddos, how I will miss you!! At least we can laugh at ourselves through all the long days, chaos, and challenges of a large theater troupe and packed season. Oh, and we put on 6 excellent shows this year, so there’s that, too. :)

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Here’s to another year in the books! Enjoy the summer!


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