We Belong In A Zoo!

Hiya! Since I know you guys don't need "chronology" to be happy readers, I thought I'd share some photos from my trip to Ohio in August. :) At least, I hope you okay with some posts being three months late!

Last summer, I spent a long weekend visiting two of my bestest friends, Katrina and Meighan, and their families. We celebrated Meighan's birthday (we won't mention her age since I'll be joining her this January!), took a tour of Cincinnati, ate lots of delicious food at local joints, and took the babies to Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden!

Here is a photolog from our fantastic day at the zoo:

My bffs and new moms Katrina and Meighan, and I at the beginning of our animal adventure.

Jayce is ready to go! Nicholas is... preparing to go!

Our first stop: The cat house. How amazing are they?! I need to add "own a wildcat" to my Bucket List. :)
(by the way, although these cats may look perfectly preserved, they are actually still living!)

"Wouldn't it be cute to get a picture of the boys riding the monkey sculpture?" Apparently they weren't excited about that idea, though!

Yes, ringtail lemurs are cool, but everyone outside of this exhibit was more interested in this "wild" lizard!

The boys and the goats got along famously.

Sorry they're not home right now, they're walking in the spider webs...


After all that and more, we were all pretty much spent. We said goodbye to the adorable animals and took long naps. :)

Thanks Meighan, Atul, Jayce, Katrina, Mark, and Nicholas for a fun weekend!


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