Please Give Blood Today!

Last week, my Aunt Mary Anne called my cousin Martha and me to see if we wanted to be in a Detroit Red Cross commercial. It would be simple, she explained, saying that we just needed to tell our stories (we're both blood recipients) to a camera and that was that. Since I never turn down a trip to Detroit, I agreed to do it. I wasn't really thinking about the truth, which is:

"Holy crap. People are actually going to see this!"

I showed up at our local NBC station last Tuesday afternoon, watched some "Days of our Lives", waited around while other people got interviewed, then before I knew it, it was Martha's and my turn, and it was over in a flash. We didn't get a ton of direction and we left having no idea if we just made complete fools of ourselves!

I figured it wouldn't be airing for a few weeks or months, so I was pretty shocked to find out it started airing last weekend! Awkward Alert!

I think it turned out okay. It's slightly cheesy, but I think that's just how these things are. I think it pretty much speaks for itself (um... literally!).

Of course, I have to share it with you, my online family. In order to seem slightly less narcissistic, since this is an advertisement for blood donation: please donate blood today! :)

By the way, that was not a dramatization. :)

Holy crap. People are actually going to see that!


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