Oh Danny Boy!

You know how the old saying goes: When God closes a door, He opens a window? Well, although he may have sadly closed the Libby-door, two weeks later he opened the Danny-skylight!!

Diaryland friends, I would like to introduce you to who may be the cutest baby in the world (sorry to all of my friends who have babies, but I am just a little biased!), little Danny Luca:

Two days old and he's posing like an expert!

My brother Dante and sister-in-law Olga welcomed this precious guy into the world on February 22nd, which was a week early for them, but perfect timing for me. I had just started my mid-winter break from work, so I got to spend many days getting to know my new nephew right away!

We pretty much have everything in common:
1. We both love to sleep during the day.
2. We both prefer to be in the fetal position at all times.
3. We both do not like bathing, but we'll do it if we have to.
4. We both whine when we are hungry or have to go to the bathroom.
5. We are both enthralled by shiny things or twinkling lights.

Like two peas in a pod!

For those who know me, you know that before February, babies weren't really one of my "things". I didn't really "get" women's fascination with babies. Don't get me wrong, my friends' babies are super cool and I�ve loved seeing them grow. But I never really had a chance to deeply bond with a baby before (the result of being the youngest in my family maybe?).

Well, my dears, I am a changed woman! I am in love with this kid. I am determined to make sure he and I become best friends (although I have a lot of competition with his amazing Aunt Ksenija and super-hip Uncle Davidde). I knew that I could get to love teenagers (they are just �babies� of a different sort), but who knew I was capable of loving an infant so much?

Right now I would compare Danny to the perfect cat: he's small and warm and loves to sleep on people. That's all I've ever really wanted. When I pick up cats to cuddle with me, though, they typically freak out, scratch or bite me, and run away. But not Danny. Nope, he's the happiest when I cuddle with him. And I hope that feeling continues even after he's able to "crawl" away!

Could life get any better than this?

Also, being an aunt is the BEST because I can hang out with Danny as much as I want, but when he's being fussy (which actually is pretty rare), I can hand him back to his parents. It's perfect! I�m just trying to soak it all in.

Of course, even though I may joke that "baby is the new dog", I still miss Libby a ton. But I feel very blessed that Danny came into our lives when he did!

Get ready for more Danny stories as time goes on. :)


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