No Sacrifice Too Small

Hey, friends! I was reading the newspaper a few weeks ago (yes, I am a sophisticated adult who reads the Sunday paper), and there was something interesting on the front page of the "Life" section (which is my favorite since it contains the crossword and the advice columns. I told you, I am a sophisticated adult!).

A reporter had asked a variety of people in the greater Detroit area what they had to sacrifice because of the current recession. The first few people gave pretty expected answers, like "I am not going to go to the casino for awhile", "I am smoking less", "I am buying more store-brand groceries", and "I'm not going to eat out at restaurants as much". Then there was a woman who said...

"I am going to give up buying furs."

Apparently this lady buys new furs every winter. The sacrifice will save her about $6000 this year.

I wish I had $6000 per year to spend on live baby furs!

It really puts things in perspective for those of us suffering during these tough economic times. It can be an inspiration for us all. Next time you realize that you just can't afford toothpaste this month... or you can only pay for rent by donating an organ, just think:

"I don't have it that bad. I mean, some people have to give up FURS for goodness' sake!"



In other news, speaking of being an adult, I noticed a sad phenomenon recently. Salespeople no longer refer to be as "Miss"; I am now almost always "Ma'am"! Do I look that old all of a sudden?? Do I look "matronly"?

Does this look like the face of maturity to you??

I was painfully reminded of this running errands last week, where the "Thanks, Ma'am"s abounded. Luckily, I was thrown a small bone on my last stop, where the sweetest older gentleman teller sent me away with a "Have a good evening, young lady!"

Thank goodness for the Post Office! At least they keep it real. Or maybe they know just how to flatter an old woman. :)


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