Check This Out?

Hello! A couple of weekends ago my cousin got married (congratulations Maria and Tristan!) at this beautiful old church in downtown Detroit. It looked recently renovated, too, with many saints and sayings painted behind the altar and on the ceiling.

One of the more intriguing adornments was the name "Jesus" written in different languages lining the molding at the top of ornate archways.

It was pretty cool, you know, thinking about how other people say "Jesus" in countries all around the world. But then we got to this one:


I know that someone is probably going to tell me that a question mark is a letter or sound in some other language, but Dante and I were more amused thinking that whoever painted it was just guessing on the spelling ("Hmm, I guess I'll spell it 'Nncyc'?"). Or that every time they say the name of Jesus in that nation, they say it as a question ("Let us give thanks to Jesus?"). Or possibly the painter couldn't read the handwriting of whoever wrote it ("This just doesn't look right. I guess I'll put in a question mark just in case.").

Ah, what would we do without the misunderstandings that come from there being so many languages? Would we ever laugh? :)

On that note (or maybe on a different note entirely), Happy Easter, everyone!


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