Wheeling & Dealing

Spring has sprung here in Michigan... but not yet for me. Two weeks after we did "The Wizard of Oz", we put up "A Streetcar Named Desire"... which happened to be the same weekend as a huge party my family threw for my mom's birthday. In the midst of all that planning and building, I've barely spent any time outside. However, from the one Sunday afternoon over the past two months I DID get to experience the warm weather, thankfully Mike took enough pictures to make animated gifs! So it all kind of balances out. :)

Here I am attempting a cartwheel (since I can't possibly welcome in the spring without "springing" myself! har-har):

Yeah, when those pictures were taken, I hadn't successfully completed a cartwheel in about 6 or 7 years. :) Although I never stopped trying (and subsequently falling). But, believe it or not, just by studying this animated gif, the next time I did a cartwheel, I succeeded! Is there anything animated gifs can't do??

Plus, I learned how to do this really amazing break-dancing move:

Check me out! Busting a move with the best of them! Or at least that's what the animated gif seems to say. :)

Now what the cartwheel animated gif doesn't show you is that the day after, I had to stay home from work and ice my back on the couch all day. I guess I am not as young as I thought I was...! Although, since animated gifs rock, I can still use these pictures to give you an idea of what the backache was like:

Aw, Ciara can't get up. I had thought that the back injury was actually work-related, but, looking back on that cartwheel, it does seem a little violent... :)

Anyways, there's just some randomness for you alls. Hopefully I'll be back with more updates soon, especially since the busiest school year ever is finally coming to an end in a few weeks...


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