Playing Dress-Up

Some people don't like to dress in costumes. Some people don't like to draw attention to themselves. Some people don't like to go through all of the effort of finding and creating unusual looks...

I am not one of those people. And neither is my friend Karen. And thankfully we found each other to look ridiculous together at every opportunity. :)

We love Halloween, making movies, and themed-parties. We even found a local monthly dance party, The Bang!, where everyone dresses up! We've become regulars at the local thrift stores and cheap accessory shops (and my working at a high school theater has helped immensely!).

Since Karen's birthday party this year was Roller-Derby themed, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to show off the past few years of our hard work to you all.

Let me introduce you to:

Roller Derby girls Raven Madd (complete with wings) & Underlocken Kiki.

Swanky Karen and Ciara at the St. Patrick's Day Glamrock Shamrock Bang!

Faux-hawked Karen & tubularly-haired Ciara at the Headbang!

Old Karen (in a one-piece pantsuit) and cranky Old Ciara at Karen's Bingo-themed birthday party.

Retro exercisers Karen and Ciara at the Let's Get Physical Bang!

A hippie guest and the wedding planner at Karen's Bridal-themed Murder Mystery birthday party.

Blinged-out Ciara (in a Golden Girls t-shirt) and Karen before the Solid Gold Bang!

I wish I had even more pictures of the other costumes we put together! But you get the idea. :)

If you're thinking about having a dress-up party, please send an invite our way!


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