Makin' Miami Mine

Hola. One of my predictions for a happy 2010 came true already! I got to escape the frost of a Michigan January by visiting my friend Sara in Florida!

As per my visiting-Sara tradition, I brought a few friends, this time Karen and Demoree, with me. You may remember them as the other two members of the "Trio of Terror" from back in our roommate days. Sara, unfazed by my insisting that she host the three of us for a long weekend, was, as usual, a gracious, generous, and fabulously-dressed hostess!

I love visiting Miami. It has all of these cool little pockets around town, each with its own style, one-of-a-kind eateries, and tons of local artists. It reminds me a little of Detroit, actually... just with an ocean, warm weather all year long, and more drag queens. :)

Overall, it was the perfect way to say good-bye to my 20s and take a break from normal winter life. It was especially great to get to relive living with my old roommates for a few days!

I made another little video of the weekend for y'alls. Somehow it's just become the easiest way for me to sum up my vacas! Hope you enjoy!


Thanks so much to Sara, Demoree, and Karen for the weekend-o-funness! And, of course, thank you to my bosses for a rare winter weekend off (with 3 shows going on before the end of February, I'll be working all of the rest of them!).


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