Wonderfully Washington

I think that there was frost yesterday here morning. FROST. I am not ready for winter yet!

In order to keep the memories of sunshine alive, I wanted to share with you a little trip I took over the summer. Maybe seeing blue skies and short sleeves will help us feel warmer? Maybe?

In July, I was lucky enough to spend a lovely weekend in Washington D.C. with friends Jaime and Sarika visiting Angie (my good friend of 15ish years!) and Mike (my good friend of 15ish months!).

Within two hours of landing in D.C., I noticed:

1. There appear to be jobs in D.C.
(I really didn't realize the extent of Michigan's recession until I saw the hoards people packing the D.C. streets! Not surprisingly, a few weeks later, D.C. was named "The Best City to Look for a Job" and Detroit was named "The Worst" in a study by the job search engine Indeed)

2. There appears to be a thriving economy in D.C.
(I traveled around to several areas of D.C. and not once did I see any of the "Going Out Of Business" or "Space For Rent" signs that I have grown accustomed to here)

3. There appear to be people my age in D.C.
(Living in the college town has jaded me a bit! I figured that this country is only full of 18-to-22-year-olds and older folks with teenaged children. But in D.C., I saw tons of people in their mid-20s to mid-30s. They DO exist!)

Needless to say, it was pretty eye-opening. :) It's so good to get out of town every once in a while to get some perspective. And it was fun! D.C. may be my new favorite city. Plus, the national attractions are free! FREE!

I forgot how much I love vacations! I don't take them nearly enough.

Anyway, I am aware that words are of little use in today's internet society, so I put together a movie-montage of my D.C. weekend for you all. It's kinda my thing now. If you like Weezer and lots of cheesy text effects, you'll like this!




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