You Live, You Learn

My Mother on Home Ownership:

Me: "I want to clean out under my basement stairs so I can store more things, like my Christmas tree"
Mom: "You can't put a Christmas tree under the stairs! It will give off toxic fumes!"
Me: "Since when do fake Christmas trees give off toxic fumes?"
Mom: "Well, when it's on FIRE..."
Me: "Why would it be on fire?"
Mom: "Ciara, these are things you HAVE to worry about now!"
- 7/30/09

Do I have to worry about it? Do I really?

I recently passed my first-year anniversary of owning a condo! I can't believe it's been over a year already. 12 mortgage payments down, only 348 to go!

I thought I would celebrate this milestone with you all by describing some ways I have seen myself change as a result of owning a home. Who would think that making an unbelievably huge purchase could have the potential to change my attitude about everyday things? :)


We've both evolved so much since last year!

It wouldn't be ciarastar if I didn't put this in list form. I proudly present:

Ciara's Top Ten Mind-Sets Shifts Since Buying A Condo

1. Gift Lists
Renter Ciara: "Oh, I would love this hilarious dvd or that cute jacket."
Owner Ciara: "I hope I get a sweet ergonomic snow shovel for my birthday!"

2. Rainy Days
Renter Ciara: "Where's my umbrella?"
Owner Ciara: "Yay! I don't have to water the lawn today!"

3. Mansions
Renter Ciara: "It would be amazing to live in such a palace."
Owner Ciara: "Ug, who wants to clean a house that big? It would take forever."

4. Dumpsters
Renter Ciara: "What an eyesore!"
Owner Ciara: "Oooooh, how convenient! I can drop off all sorts of trash in there!"

5. Conversation Topics
Renter Ciara: "Yeah, work is going well... this or that funny story about my kids."
Owner Ciara: "I have been replacing some of my door knobs. It's been pretty interesting."

6. Friday Nights
Renter Ciara: "I can't wait to go out with my friends!"
Owner Ciara: "That will be a great time to really organize the basement."

7. Property Taxes
Renter Ciara: "I don't really think about it at all."
Owner Ciara: "I pay $170 per year in taxes to support the library? I need to go every day! I need to encourage everyone I know to go every day, too!"

8. Cool Household Items
Renter Ciara: "That looks really nice."
Owner Ciara: "I wonder how much that costs. Can I afford it for my place??"

9. Exposed Basement Ceilings
Renter Ciara: "Wouldn't drywall look nicer?"
Owner Ciara: "They are so convenient! You can see where every cord, pipe, and duct goes. It'll make fixing things so much easier!"

10. Residency
Renter Ciara: "I live in Ann Arbor... for now at least."
Owner Ciara: "Holy crap. I like LIVE in Ann Arbor now."

Can anyone relate??

I have also learned all sorts of unexpected skills: how to winterize an outdoor faucet, how to unclog a disposal, which pipes carry gas and which carry water, how to not get accidentally locked in my basement, how to tighten a toilet seat, etc, etc, etc...!

I think that, for the first time, I am starting to feel a little adult-like. But it's worth it; I love my little Lake House. Plus, I think I can gain up to 5 years of maturity and still be emotionally in my late-teens. :)

Happy Condoversary!


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