Big League Chew

There are certain activities that encapsulate "summer" to me. Blowing bubbles is definitely one of them.

Here my brothers and I blow bubbles on a sunny afternoon in Detroit.

Since the weather here in Michigan has been much cooler and rainier lately, I thought maybe a post about bubbles could help us all get more into the summer spirit!

When my brothers and I were younger, sometimes regular kid-activities were not entertaining enough for us, so we were always on the lookout for ways to "change things up". This usually required adding some potentially dangerous element (must be an older-brother-thing!). So instead of regular bubble blowing, one of us would blow bubbles and the other two would try to quickly smash the floating orbs with plastic baseball bats!

I doubt there was any "score-keeping" (my family did not handle competition well), but if you decide to try this game, feel free to add it in. It's not as easy as it may look!

Look! You can have fun, exercise, enjoy the weather, and get out aggression all at the same time!

A few weeks ago I saw these old photos for the first time in years, and luckily I vaguely remembered playing this game... because in some of the action shots, if you didn't know what was really going on, you could probably easily get the wrong idea of what we were doing...

"Okay, David, as soon as Ciara is distracted by the bubbles-- get her!"

You have to wonder what happened, either way, in that next second. :)

Hope you have a warm, bubble-filled, and injury-free summer!


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