Familiar Uniforms

Recently, a friend sent me an email forward full of pictures from a 1977 JC Penney catalogue:

Those 1970s were silly times, weren't they? Oh, how I chuckled in amusement at some of the fashions from back then! Matching men's and women's wear? How absurd!

But then I went to Easter lunch... see THIS:

(try not to be distracted by our high-fashion-model expressions!)

Yeeeeah. My brother Dante and I showed up to our mom's in the exact same outfit. Both of our first words to each other were, "Get back in your car and go home to change!" There's nothing like two people dressed alike talking in unison, too. :)

I really thought my gray pants, black jacket, and amaranth pink button-down shirt was a unique outfit. Apparently not in my family! I suppose we already have matching noses, chins, and profiles... why not go the extra mile for the holidays?

My immediate family is used to inadvertently color-coordinating on occasion, but these outfits were so close that the extended family at Easter dinner later all thought we dressed alike on purpose!

Genetics never fail to amaze me.

I suppose one good thing to come out of it was that I felt like I could relate (har har) more to some of the characters of one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development.

See? It's not so weird when a mother and son dress alike for sport, right? ... Ok, maybe it is! :)

Hope you're enjoying spring!


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