My Favorite Things

Hello, friends. Sorry I haven't been around, but I've been working a lot a lot. Like for-the-past-15-days-straight a lot. I was going to write about work, but then I saw a commercial for my favorite pain medicine (wait for it) and decided that I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things instead. Who wants to write about work on their day off anyway?

I figured that if Oprah could get away with listing her "favorite things" periodically, then I certainly can, too! I mean, we're about on the same level, right? :)

The general array of topics here was pretty random... I think I just listed the only 8 favorite things I could think of off the top of my head. Maybe this will become a repeat entry for all of the things I left off. Or maybe I'll let you, the viewer, decide. :)

Now Announcing (Ciara's First Installment of?)...

My Favorite Things
(can I trademark that, do you think?)

Animal: Panda Bear
Oh, panda bears, why do you have to be so cute? Why do you have to have such big fluffy bellies? Why do your ears have to be so circular? Why do you have to have such sharp teeth? If only you weren't endangered, I could have you for my very own! Anyone want to donate a million or two dollars to the cause? :)

See, I even liked panda bears as an adorable youngster!

Retail Chain: Michael's
It doesn't make any sense! I don't have time for crafts! Framing is too expensive! I don't like goop of any kind! But, for some reason, when I enter through those automatic doors, I am a like a kid in a candy store. Time flies when I am at Michael's. What does it all mean??

Sitcom: 30 Rock
Tina Fey is one of my heroes. I mean, she's pretty much a comedic genius. Have you seen "Mean Girls"? "30 Rock" not only has clever wit, but it also has a cast of quirky lovable characters. I really can't do it justice by writing about it... all I can say is that if I have to live without new episodes of "Arrested Development", "30 Rock" certainly has given me a new hope for the future.

Pain Reliever: Excedrin
Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve Excedrin. It has seriously changed my life for the better. They weren't lying when they called it "the headache medicine". Maybe I should be a spokes-person for it!

Motion Picture Director: Wes Anderson
When people ask me what my favorite movies are, three of his movies top the list. Doesn't that say it all? I like his scenic direction, his sense of humor, the heart he puts into his characters... Plus, between Max's private school education and love of theater in "Rushmore", the siblings' search for meaning after tragedy in "The Darjeeling Limited", and the "family of geniuses" in "The Royal Tenenbaums" :), I feel like I can personally relate to his stories. Keep writing and directing, Wes!

Doggie: Libby
I'm such a glutton for punishment. The older Libby has become (she's almost 15), the less she wants to play with me, the less she pretends to like me, and the more she doesn't look up when I call her... and it doesn't seem to be due to her physical condition (if you saw her barking at the mailman, you'd think she was 6). It seems like she just decided, "I am just not going to put up with Ciara anymore- can't she take the hint?" But I love that dang dog. I don't know why, but I do. And I am going to try to make her to love me back all the rest of her days!

I had to tease her by saying "Want to go for a walk?" to get her to look at me long enough to take this picture!

Celebrity Marriage: Will Arnet & Amy Poehler
Can you even imagine how hilarious their life must be? And is there anything they can't do? If only I could be so blessed to be have even a tenth of the humor Amy & Will have in their marriage in my future marriage... I know I would live a long, brilliantly happy life. I mean, even when I just fantasize about it, my cheeks hurt from smiling!

Tiger: Curtis Granderson
For anyone who follows Detroit baseball, I am sure you can see why I'd pick Curtis to be "my Tiger". It all started on a hot summer day at Comerica Park back in 2006, when, as fate would have it, my family sat right next to his spot in left field... and it continued when he caught that amazing blind-behind-the-wall catch (for me, I am assuming) at a game I went to last summer. He's hard-working, talented, smart, and he loves his momma. What's there not to like, really?

If you would like to share with me your favorite animal, retail chain, sitcom, pain reliever, director, doggie, celebrity marriage, or Tiger, feel free to sign my guestbook! Or you can sign it with anything you want. :)


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