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Whoa, it's just been a baby-filled week for me! This past weekend Jaime and I went to visit our new-mommy friend Monisha, her 3-week-old baby Ria, her husband Rob, and her puppy Coconut in Pittsburgh, PA.

Monisha had a pretty rough labor and recovery, and she hadn't left their apartment since Ria was born, so it was our job to reintroduce Monisha to the outside world. Since it's, well, winter, the "outside world" just ended up being the car, the mall, and a restaurant, but it's a start!

Neither Jaime nor I have ever been to Pittsburgh before, and from what little we saw of it on our short trip, it seems like a pretty cool town. Little mountains, winding forest roads, no sales tax... and I can only imagine it's better when it's not covered in snow and ice. :)

Anyway, here's a photo-overview of our weekend excursion... enjoy!

Coco puts on his Sunday Best for our visit. Coco is used to being the only baby in the house and although he has been a very good older brother so far, he was a bit... starving... for our attention (which was perfect because I typically starve for doggies' attention, too!).

Aw, Ria loves her mommy!

We went to an Italian (immigrant) restaurant and this (creepy) photo was on the wall as a decoration. I don't know why this old clothing-store display is so bizarre to me... maybe it's the mannequin in dress pants pointing to a huge bowling score sheet? maybe it's the button-down shirts on a ramped alley? did people really bowl in clothes like this back in the day? anyone, anyone??

Jaime and I hold the babies!

Ria entertains us all with some freestyle rapping.

Coco gives me an enthusiastic high-five for a vacation well-done!



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