Uh-Oh... Another Movie!

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that I can not post the entire Family Christmas "The Office" Spoof that I've been working on this week (and previewed in the last post). Unfortunately, the absolute shortest I can get it is 23.5 minutes, and as we all know, YouTube only goes up to 10 minutes. Ah, well, I am pretty sure that it's much funnier in your imagination than it is in actuality. :)

But I can post something from it for you all. As I was slaving over mom's Mac for hours on end editing the movie, I noticed that my mom and brothers tend to say "uh-oh" as they are unwrapping their gifts (but before they actually see what's inside of the wrapped box). Out of curiosity, I decided to count the "uh-oh"s and heard 11 of them! Isn't that a little strange? Do other people say "uh-oh" when they open presents? What could they be "uh-oh"ing about?

So back to what you're about to see. I thought about making an "uh-oh" montage... then that evolved into a "all Christmas present reactions" montage... then I added a few cheesy sound effects... and below is the short reel that I came up with. It's not my finest work, but I hope it brings at least one of you at least a little enjoyment. I wanted to sort the reactions based on their tones and splice them into a holiday melody, but I think we can all agree that's way beyond me! I'll leave things like that up to people who went to college for something artsy. I'll just stick to creating ridiculousness instead. :)

Good luck with this!

Happy New Year!


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