The Family Christmas

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

Some of you may know that my immediate family and I make a Christmas home movie every year. It's pretty much one of our only traditions, so we take it very seriously! We have always done the exact same thing ever since I was about 4-years-old: we start off by all walking down the stairs in our pajamas (pretending to be sneaking down early), then we exclaim joyously at the presents, and take turns opening them.

(warning: following paragraphs contain lots of product placement!)

Over the past year, Dante has become a pretty big fan of "The Office". So, this Christmas, although we filmed everything exactly the same way we usually do, this time we're editing it to be like a mock-umentary, Office-style, per Dante's request, complete with side-commentary interviews about our presents.

Luckily, one of mom's gifts was a new Mac Mini, which contains (free with purchase!) the newest version of iMovie. It's like Photoshop for our movies! Yippee! Now I can not only manipulate photos, but movies, too! Whereas I am usually a PC user, I must say that iMovie's pretty amazing.

Anyway, of course I can't put the entire thing on here for you (especially since I haven't finished it yet), but I did decide to throw a small version of the opening credits onto YouTube because I worked so hard on it. Well, I worked for like an hour on it-- which is a lot when it's vacation time!

Have fun!


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