Receiving Lines, Part 1

Time for another diaryland series from me! Woo-hoo! Ev'-ry-bod-y-clap-your-hands!

I was in my cousin Anna's wedding last weekend and I got to be the Maid of Honor (ie. the MOST special!). As part of my duties, I got to give a speech. And even though this is the first (real) time I've been a maid-of-honor, it's actually the third time that I've given a wedding speech in the past year and a half. As I was practicing Anna's speech, I was actually shocked that I hadn't posted any of my speeches on here yet. I mean, that's completely unlike me, isn't it?

So, here is the first installment of my three-part wedding speech series. And, at the end, I decided to post the result of one of my favorite post-wedding pastimes: creating a glimpse into the couple's future. I hope you enjoy getting to know my good friends a little better from these speeches and pictures!

------ Katrina & Mark's Wedding Speech ------
setting: spring 2006, greek, formal, 350 guests
other speeches: father-of-the-bride, godparents

Hello. I am honored to not only have the opportunity to give a speech tonight, but I am also honored to have had the opportunity to know both Mark and Katrina for many years� in fact, I�ve known each of them longer than they�ve known each other! For the last half of my life, Katrina and I have been �unofficial sisters�, which we started calling each other in 8th grade when we discovered that we were born exactly 9 months and 1 day apart. And I feel like I am the luckily best friend in the world.

In preparation for this speech, I found myself thinking about all of the decisions that brought us to today. For those of you who know me, like Katrina and Mark do, you might be wondering what I know about decisions- since I never make them- it�s actually a miracle that I decided what to give this speech on! But whereas I don�t like decisions, I can recognize when people are making good ones. And Katrina and Mark make lots of good ones!

Now, that might seem obvious- Mark decided to ask for Katrina�s hand and Katrina decided to say yes� or maybe you are thinking about the decisions they made on the table linens or the flowers or the clever table numbers here� and those ARE important, but I was thinking about the smaller decisions that led up to those things� because, really, it�s the outcome of each of those little choices that guided Mark and Katrina�s steps along their path together.

For example, in the grand scheme of things,
It was just a little decision that Mark threw a party with his college friends on New Year�s Eve, 2001.
It was just a little decision that Katrina spent that same New Year�s Eve with me, when I had plans to go to Mark�s party.
It was just a little decision that Katrina and Mark took the time to get to know each other that night, even though there were plenty of other things to do.
It was just a little decision that Mark asked Katrina to hang out again a few days later.
And it was just a little decision for them to go out on another date� and another one� and another one�

And the results of those decisions led to other decisions- like the decisions about how much time to spend together despite being in different cities, and when to open their hearts to each other, and when to say things that they were scared to say even though they wanted to right away� And, of course, those led to bigger decisions, like the decision to both live in southeastern Michigan to be with each other, and now to move to Ohio together for medical school�

You know, Katrina and Mark, you guys might be thinking, �Well, of course I�d do those things!� because they might not all have FELT like decisions at the time- they just felt natural. And that shows me that you both have incredibly good instincts, and you can trust in your hearts. Your relationship and your relationships with everyone in this room are proof of that.

So I�d like to encourage you- when those little decisions come up in life, which we all know they will- to not dismiss them, but to simply follow your heart and you�ll make the right choices.

When you have a free evening, make the little choice to do something romantic.
When you disagree, make the little choice to work it out patiently and humbly.
When you are needed, make the little choice to be available.
When you think about how much you love your spouse, make the little choice to say it!
When you miss a friend or family member, make the little choice to call and say hi. I mean, I know we�d love it!
When you�ve had a long day, make the little choice to take comfort in each other.

You guys have already made the best decision of all- to commit your lives to each other- and I don�t doubt that you will produce a wonderful life together. Mark, I couldn�t have picked a better choice for my best friend, and Katrina, I certainly think you are a perfect match for my friend Mark!

Thank you for making the decision to include us all on this path of your lives and I know I am one of many who is excited to share in your future! Thank you also for making me- for making all of us- a part of your family and I love you a lot!

------ Katrina & Mark's (Potential) Future Children! ------

Katrina and Mark, meet my rendition of�

your darling baby girl and�

your baby boy bundle of joy!

Oh, man, the creepiness of these pictures never gets old!

Stay turned for the second in the series�


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