Better Late Than Never!

"In Theatre Guild, the answer is always 'No'!"

"Without peer pressure, nothing ever gets done!"

It's that time again, folks-- actually, it's well past that time. :) Since the new school year starts in a few weeks, I figure it's about time to finally post the quotes that my students and I collected from this past school year, like I did last summer. How's that sound?

Josh and Amira are super excited! And, actually, that's about as excited as Jaren gets!

Without further ado... a glimpse into my work life...

Ciara: "Seventh hour needs to end right about now"
Amira: "Me, too"
-9-7-2006 (I think she meant "I agree", and not that she had to end...)

Josh: "Oh, look, there's part of my hand!"
-9-21-2006 (not something a woodshop supervisor wants to hear! he was actually referring to the remains of a set piece he had painted his hand on)

Jaren: "I need a word that starts with a 'D'"
Amira: "Dumpsters"
Jaren: "No! I want something dirty"
Amira: "Dumpsters ARE dirty!!"
-9-22-2006 (aw, isn't that cute?)

Jaren: "Amira erased my pants!"
-10-11-2006 (how would that work? Amira erased a chalk drawing of Jaren's pants)

Amira: "How are you, my deaf warrior?"
Mysti: "What??"
-10-11-2006 (Amira is very perceptive)

Ciara: "David, if you hear screaming, I'm in the bathroom"
-10-12-2006 (haha. I really meant, "I'm going to be in the bathroom, so if someone in the shop screams, please check on them" when I said that to my coworker)

Amira: "I was in the bathroom and I was thinking, 'We should have a supervisor'"
-10-16-2006 (not a supervisor in the bathroom... I hope!)

Leslie: "I have a ton of Harry Potter stuff"
Ciara: "You have a ton of hairy body stuff?"
-10-19-2006 (all of the saws and tools and things make it really hard to hear!)

Ciara: "Hmmm� I think I put on deodorant on today�"
-10-23-2006 (the kids wrote this one down, but I don't see why it's funny! oh, I was talking aloud to myself, btw)

Frannie: "Actors, if you don't bring in your make-up, I can't kick you out of the show or anything, but I can EGG YOUR HOUSE!"
-10-23-2006 (way to try and get the job done, Frannie!)

Amira: "I want to play a game with you that we played earlier in class- okay, pick a letter between 1 and 9"
-10-23-2006 (this twists my brain in weird ways)

Amira: "I still can't think of a letter that starts with 'A'"
-10-23-2006 (what was going on with Amira that day?)

Ciara: "What time is she?"
-10-23-2006 (I meant to ask "what's her name?" isn't that bizarre?)

Kate: "Can you believe that guy said, 'Get your hands off of me'?"
Porscha: "What were you doing?"
Kate: "Playing with his� zipper!"
-10-27-2006 (ah, the craziness that happens in the costume shop)

Kasia: "I want a potato in my cup. I want it now- America is about getting things NOW!"
-10-28-1006 (my coworker Kasia is from poland. where they apparently eat potatoes out of cups. and they foster american stereotypes!)

Rob: "Mysti! Don't move!"
Leslie: "Yeah, Mysti, don't move either!"
-10-30-2006 (haha. they both wanted her to stay put!)

Torben: "If I would want to, I would did it"
-11-9-2006 (I love the german exchange students)

Leslie: "What day is today?"
Devin: "It's 11-10-06"
Leslie: "I just need the date!"
Devin: "It's 11-10-06!"
-11-10-2006 (I think she wanted the day of the week?)

Amira: "Why'd they send me daughters when I asked for- ICE CREAM!"
-12-4-2006 (I guess Amira had a dream about getting daughters when she wanted something else, but she got distracted by ice cream? I am not exactly sure what was going on!)

Mysti: "Is Rae very artistic?"
Ciara: "Raybarry?"
Amira: "Autistic?"
-12-6-2006 (we're all deaf, apparently)

Josh: "I hate Macs so much"
Amira: "Max who?"
-12-6-2006 (hehe!)

Ciara: "You're going to need triwood plyangles..."
-12-7-2006 ("plywood triangles" is a bit of a tongue-twister� right?)

(talking about the hallways in the school)
Amira: "'A' is between 'B' and 'C'"
Stefanie: "In the word 'backwards'!"
-12-14-2006 (clever!)

Lia: "Someone dropped your kiss on the floor"
-12-21-2006 (hershey's kiss!)

Ciara: "Don't go in the theater- there are callbacks in there"
Leslie: "What? Callbacks? Are those that people?"
-3-8-2007 (who talks like that?? Leslie's awesome)

Ryan: "How's the rolling platform going to brake?"
Ciara: "What??"
Ryan: "How's the platform going to brake?"
Ciara: "It's not going to break!"
Ryan: "No, brake"
Ciara: "Break?"
Ryan: "B-R-A-K-E"
Ciara: "What??!"
-3-21-2007 (I think I ensured our director that I really knew what I was doing! Those crazy homophones!)

Ciara: "When baby goats are born, they're a whole lot smarter than... RYAN!"
-3-27-2007 (I love it when my kids point these quotes out. I was going to say "baby goats are smarter than baby humans", but I got distracted by our director)

Becca: "Ciara- Move!"
Ciara: "Mooooooo?"
Becca: "No, MOVE!"
-3-28-2007 (I really thought she was telling me to "moo"! it really wouldn't be that unusual for a student to request that of me)

Ciara: "I think it'll look great"
Mysti: "What?"
Ciara: "I think it'll look great"
Mysti: "Why do you think it will break?"
-3-28-2007 (deaf, deaf, deaf)

Amira: "I think the adverb form of 'wrong'... it's just 'wrong'!"
-3-28-2007 (double true! although "wrongly" is also acceptable)

Amira: "Becca- Move!"
Becca: "Boo!"
Amira: "Not 'boo'; move!"
-5-18-2007 (see? it's an easy mistake!)

Monica: "I thought you were holding a puppy and I was all excited, but then I realized you were holding a banana"
-5-24-2007 (I mistake puppies and bananas all of the time)

Ciara: "Isn't it weird how a banana peel turns brown right after you take the banana out? How does it KNOW?"
-5-24-2007 (I don't see what's wrong with this question, but the kids put it on the quote wall!)

Hannah: "I was also in a trio during 'The Wizard of Oz'- well, there were 6 of us..."
-5-31-2007 (oh, Hannah, that's not a trio�)

Leslie: "Man, we need a vacuum cleaner that doesn't suck!"
-6-1-2007 (har har. we actually need one that sucks more�!)

And just to think, the currently empty quote wall for 2007-2008 will soon be filling up. Man, I really miss the kids and the ridiculous things they sometimes say, but I am not sure if I am ready for the summer to end yet!


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