Paper Possession

I've been giving you a lot of words to read over the past two weeks (see what a little time off from work can do?). So with this entry, which may be the last one for awhile (work at the high school starts up again today!), I thought I'd post mostly pictures to give us a little writing/reading break.

I recently discovered a weird phenomenon... It all started when my roommates and I exchanged gifts for "Beach House Family Christmas" and we let Zooey play in the wrapping paper. We wouldn't normally let her do this (because of her OCD, once she gets a taste for chewing paper, she's unstoppable), but indulged her cravings because it was a special occasion (isn't that what the holidays are all about anyway?). :)

Since she was so happy, I took some pictures of her rolling around in the wrapping paper:

Aww. She's so cute!

But then, even on the little digital screen on the back of my camera, I noticed that something wasn't quite right with the way Zooey looked, and decided to take a closer look...

What the...!?

I think we have to admit- that's pretty bizarre. I mean, if my eyes looked like that, we'd all be pretty worried! It's one thing to have "red-eye" (and Zooey gets "yellow-eye" a lot), but "swirly-colored-eye" is something I personally have never heard of!

I thought that it may have just been one of those once-in-a-lifetime photos´┐Ż but no:

Yes, the obsession with the wrapping paper made the cat possessed!

I know it's probably just something resulting from the flash and the reflections (I hope!), but it's amusing to me to think that it's something else... especially when Zooey is so mesmerized by paper products (ah, what I would give to be that easily amused!).

Well, kiddos, it's time again to say goodbye for this entry- hopefully it won't be too long before we meet again!


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