Tidings of Comfort, etc.!

Well, all of you holiday-hipsters, it's about that time (or slightly past that time) of year for cards and newsletters to flood your mailboxes or inboxes or... webpages. :) Well, my roommates and I at the Beach House again decided to participate in this December tradition!

Like last year, we've tried our hardest to jam pack it with updates, tidbits, and gratuitous clipart. :) I have cropped and copied and enlarged it below, so we hope you enjoy!

Despite the fact that Demoree, as a web designer, claims that clipart is a bit cheesy, you all should have seen the look of glee on her face as she kept adding more and more to the newsletter!

For those of you joining us for the first time, let me introduce you: that's me (left), Karen (center), and Demoree (right). Zooey (Karen's cat) is not in this picture because she likes eating hats more than wearing them. :)

Isn't Karen amazing with Photoshop? Look at how good she made us look in that "after" picture!

(yes, that is a candy cane with LEGS! Eek!)

There are two inside jokes in that last one, but you'll understand the fudge once you read this and the blog comment is about this pretty popular site where a Michigan student posts random edits to random papers he finds in computer labs. :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!

The residents of The Beach House
Demoree, Karen, Ciara, and Zooey

ps. Thank you Mike for being our personal photographer again this year!


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