Alrighty, guys, I guess I've given you enough time to submit your captions. :) Thank you to my 6 friends (Mike, Kevin, Rachel, Joel, Joy, and Brian) for your 17 submissions to my 6 pictures. I appreciate your efforts! It's because of you that I will have the strength to go on (with diaryland!).

Without further ado, here are the ones that I chose. I have also included what I would have captioned the pictures with if I had just done them all so you can see how they compare (and most of the ones my friends wrote were way better!). Also, I chose not to pick a "winner" to the pictures that I only had one or two submissions for, just because that didn't seem... fair somehow. It all makes sense in my head! Hm, I guess I lied about that "without further ado" stuff up there; I definitely have ado'ed!

Picture A

Frankie Flower smiled nervously. He had no idea what to expect from his first pollination.

Close 2nd, Kevin's-
Despite having only one static set piece and 3 post-graduate male performers, the musical of "Nasonex - Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies" turned out to be quite entertaining.

My fall motto: Don't worry, Bee Happy!
(I know, lame!)

Picture B

"Hey, why to you think Ciara's grandfather drove us off into the middle of the woods after we asked him about his family business?"
(ah, everyone loves a good mafia joke!)

Nick: "I followed the Mapquest directions perfectly... right at the tall tree for 0.2 miles, right at the tall tree for 0.4 miles, and left at the tall tree for 0.3 miles- how could we be lost?"
Kevin: "I told you we should have used Google Maps!"

Picture C

Not enough entries! Sorry! Wait, why am I apologizing? :)

If Zooey had her way, she'd always sleep in a pile of kitties. For now, Demoree'll work just fine.

Picture D

Every time Colleen takes her dog and husband to the park they just want to run around and play with their toys.

"We represent the Disc Golf Guild, and in the name of the Disc Golf Guild, we'd like to welcome you to munchkin land!"
(you have to admit, it looks kinda like a choreographed munchkin dance!)

Picture E

Jaime was excited - she hadn't made a sale in weeks, and this customer genuinely seemed interested.

Close 2nd, Kevin's-
Riley is a well trained dog. Jaime's actually trained him to pretend to be interested in the things she's doing.

Riley: "Wait, momma, go back to the last picture... are my bajangles showing??!"

Picture F

It was less than a month since his birthday, but Nick was already bored with the "Amazing Levitating Sausage."

Nick, trying to see if the bratwurst were really "Lite" like the package claimed.


Thanks, guys! You all (even those who weren't featured here) gave me lots of smiles!


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