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Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okau, oaey,okaj, okawe... I know I have been a delinquent with updating (question: what percentage of this diaryland page is me apologizing for not updating? go!), but, listen, I've been busy (question: what percentage of this diaryland page is me claiming to be "busy"? go!)!

And I have had such amazing ideas, and there have been so many interesting things to talk about (well, not really), but, with the fall show at the high school (Disney's High School Musical!) and two other jobs (what's wrong with me?)... you know how it goes. So, in the meantime, it's time to pull some quotes out of the Ciara-archives for a quick-fix (which actually takes a while to compile, believe it or not (what's with my overuse of parentheses today?)). This time it's a sequel to the--hopefully beloved--Semi-Colon End Parenthesis!

I used to chat on Instant Messenger all of the time; it used to be open on my computer awaiting messages at any hour of the night and day. I used it to see what my friends were up to (via "away messages"), I used it share interesting song lyrics (via "buddy information"), and I used it to pretend I was popular (via my "buddy list"). But once I forgot to turn it on and I didn't realize it for almost 4 days, and I thought, maybe if I don't use IM, I'll have more time communicate with my friends in person or on the phone, or through email... but then, as it turned out, I just filled that time with more jobs, so I didn't do those things either. :) I do have approximately 110 unread semi-personal emails in my inbox... oops...

Anyways, what was I talking about?

Oh, right, IM. The point is that I was looking through my quotes the other day and realized how much I missed IM. And I mostly miss it because of the way that it butchers communication (which you all know I love!). And now I don't have time for it!

Here are a couple of conversations that ended up not making sense due to typos or misunderstandings. Hope they bring you some small form of entertainment during my busy weeks! (note: all screen names have been changed)

Oh, and since no one reads my stuff without pictures, here's one:

You know the default picture's always of the cat! This one's particularly confusing... much like IM (too much of a stretch?). :)

DanGal: just wanted to say ho
DanGal: you i mean!
cdogg: wow
cdogg: 'just wanted to say you'?
DanGal: yo i mean!
cdogg: hehe
cdogg: I love it
-11-15-03 (well, some people probably want to say 'ho'... right?)

cdogg: death cab for cutie is coming to clutch cargos on oct 17th. I wish I didn't hate clutch cargos so much
nld: do you hate it a lot?
cdogg: I hate not being able to see what I am stepping it
cdogg: it=in
nld: right
cdogg: my desk lamp has no light bulb, so I can't see
nld: hmmmm
cdogg: hahaha
cdogg: those thoughts have nothing to do with each other, but I just realized they made sense
cdogg: the stepping in had to do with clutch cargos
cdogg: the desk lamp had to do with my typos
cdogg: man, I am cracking myself up

riofitz: I have to give a lecture to the sets crew tomorrow about cleaning up, since they never do it.
riofitz: You, not I, are going to be cleaning the shop every night
cdogg: I don't think so!! I am not cleaning the shop!
riofitz: I meant "you, NOR I"! The r and t are so close together!

cdogg: want to do something fun this weekend?
kindlyknife: oh, well, I was thinking of heading out of town this weekend, so this weekend would be the better for me to hang out
cdogg: read what you just wrote :-)
kindlyknife: hahaha
kindlyknife: the first "this" should have been "next"
-4-30-05 (when, in verbal conversation, would you say that last sentence?)

kindlyknife: did you get to eat a KFC snacker?
cdogg: yeah, and a piece of Long John Silver's fish!
kindlyknife: was it a delicious bass?
kindlyknife: the fish, not the instrument
cdogg: it was a delicious *insert fish product here*
kindlyknife: aright, I'm heading off to Star Wars soon, later
cdogg: soon, later
-5-19-05 ('later' was short for 'talk to you later')

rsbryt: im kinda bored if you cant tell
cdogg: I can tell a little :-)
cdogg: you'll have some reading material soon enough! I'm updating my website!
rsbryt: good!
rsbryt: well... i do have stuff to do... im just bored with it... so, yes any distraction would be appreciates
rsbryt: hehe
rsbryt: "would be appreciates"

cdogg: I am like getting kicked out of my apartment in 2 weeks
cdogg: btw, the condos I looked at in detroit two weeks ago had TWO jacuzzis... one indoor and one outdoor
kindlyknife: nice
kindlyknife: (to the condos, not getting kicked out of your apartment)
kindlyknife: so it's official then? you're being asked to leave?
cdogg: yeah, as of yesterday
kindlyknife: you broke the news to you?
cdogg: yes, I broke the news to myself
-7-12-05 (fyi, my building was getting renovated, I wasn't evicted!)

nld: well, I don't know anything
cdogg: you can figure it out
nld: not possible
cdogg: haha
cdogg: come on, you're a brilliant doctor
nld: I wish
cdogg: I am sure it's possible
nld: what's possible?
cdogg: to figure things out!
-7-24-05 (ah, an nld classic!)

rrose: did i get my email about new orleans?
cdogg: haha
cdogg: do you even KNOW what I am laughing at?
rrose: no.......
rrose: you're kind of freaking me out though
cdogg: did you get your email?
rrose: my email?
cdogg: rrose: did i get my email about new orleans?
rrose: ooooooooooooooh, hehe
cdogg: I did get your email, yes
rrose: why does that always happen with you?
-8-31-05 (I am just lucky, I guess!)

cdogg: on Saturday, I went to dinner at the renaissance club in downtown Detroit and it was really fun
nld: oh wow
nld: I bet that was nice
cdogg: yeah, it was fancy
cdogg: it was odd, because I think I like non-fancy better
nld: yeah, I like non family stuff too
cdogg: haha
nld: I mean non fancy
cdogg: wow, there's your subconscious at work!

cdogg: I got home late from work today because we build a front porch set piece and all I wanted to do was sit on it and relax
cdogg: I mean, you have to admit, it's hard to exist sitting on a front porch!
-11-21-05 (it always baffles me when I type mistakes like I would have said them! exist=resist)

cdogg: you and your brother both skip letters when you type
nld: I can't type th-es
nld: like when I type the really fast is always comes out hte
-12-2-05 (is=it, and the rest mostly is what she meant to say, but it seems so weird!)

mikeh: ta da! i'm back in ann arbor
mikeh: like magic!
cdogg: I'll be back later
cdogg: I am watching Arrested Development
cdogg: it's so good!!!!!!!!
mikeh: haha, k
cdogg: maybe I'll see you when you were in town
cdogg: haha. that SO didn't make any sense!
mikeh: yes, maybe you'll see me in the past....?
cdogg: when 'I' AM in town!!

FryBoy: I am going to run (or walk quickly) across the street and get some coffee
cdogg: that'll take FOREVER
FryBoy: don't forget I love in NY
FryBoy: where there is a coffee shop on every corner
cdogg: you love in NY?
FryBoy: i like it
FryBoy: don't love it
cdogg: READ what you wrote
FryBoy: oh hahahaha
FryBoy: i meant live
cdogg: I won't forget that you love in new york
cdogg: haha
-1-1-06 (so nice that he responded to his typo!)

Elif: Awww
Auto response from cdogg: too sicky!
Elif: Poor suckie
Elif: Ah
Elif: I mrsxnt sickie
Elif: I can't type

Kpak: so waht're you up to noew?
Kpak: ugh, that was guly
Kpak: ugly

dem: ok yeah, i'm going to need to go. this is going to take some time...i need to figure this thing out.
cdogg: what thing?
dem: website
dem: (that's not really a link)
cdogg: it would be a funny link
cdogg: you're making a game website/
cdogg: ?
dem: internet explorer is *expletive*ing it up!!
cdogg: that seems difficuly
cdogg: I can't ype
cdogg: arg!
dem: hahah

mikeh: (btw is up there, ciara make an appearance or two)
mikeh: up there = updated
mikeh: make = makes
cdogg: haha
mikeh: boy i can type

cdogg: that situation is confusing
Kpak: what's most foncusing?
Kpak: dangit! confusing
cdogg: wow, THIS is confusing!

(question: what percentage of IM conversation-time is spent clearing up typos or writing "I can't type"? go!)

I am sure that I have about a billion more IM mess-ups written down somewhere, but, this'll have to do for now. Hope it tides you over a bit. :)


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